11 de marzo de 2011

(EU) Convocatoria para Artistas Mexicanos


Arizona Between Nosotros:
Artists from Mexico Respond in Video and Performance

Arizona Between Nosotros: new works created by Mexican artists in response to current state events; presented in Phoenix, Tucson and Nogales, Sonora during summer 2011; organized by independent Arizonan artists.
  1. Open to all artists with Mexican citizenship currently residing in Mexico.
  2. Artists may submit both video art pieces and/or performance proposals.
  3. Online submission only. See http://www.arizonabetweennosotros.org/artists/call/
  4. Entry forms must be submitted no later than 11:59pm Arizona time (Mountain Standard, GMT-7) on March 20th, 2011.
  5. Submissions will be peer reviewed; all submissions will be considered, however, preference will be given to pieces that somehow address the festival’s theme.
  6. Artists will be notified by email no later than May 15th, 2011.
  7. There is no monetary compensation for inclusion in ABN.
  8. ABN is a not-for-profit festival.
  9. Artists will be invited to ABN events taking place in summer 2011.
    1. Travel assistance will be provided for participating performers.
    2. Video artists are invited to participate in ABN events, however travel assistance cannot be provided due to limited resources.
    3. Assistance will be provided for food & lodging for performers. a discreción de dinero posible se acederá alojamiento y comida
    4. Artists are responsible for arranging their own migration documents; a letter of support from the festival will be provided.
  10. Copyright of pieces submitted remains with the author, however, ABN organizers reserve the right to:
    1. make copies of the work and distribute for press and educational purposes;
    2. show (but not distribute) artwork to festival supporters;
    3. make use of video stills and excerpts for promotional use.
  11. ABN will document festival events, however:
    1. Artists are responsible for documenting their own work; ABN organizers are not responsible for providing documentation to the artists.
  1. Artists are invited to submit one piece of original video art.
  2. Maximum runtime is 10 minutes.
  3. Video will be projected as submitted; no translations or other modifications will be provided.
  4. Video pieces in exhibition quality must be uploaded to Vimeo.com and password protected ?), accepted material will be downloaded directly from Vimeo for projection.
  5. 16×9 or 4×3 aspect ratio is acceptable.
  1. Artists 18 year of age or older are invited to submit one proposal for an original work of performance art.
  2. Pieces involving more than one performer are welcomed, however, travel support can only be provided for one person per piece accepted.
  3. The piece should be adaptable to multiple spaces, easily set up and torn down.
  4. ABN will provide accepted performance artists with:
    1. Local transportation to festival events;
    2. A performance space with:
      1. Basic theatrical lighting;
      2. A stereo soundsystem with one microphone;
      3. A video projector, however, if performers wish project video material for their performance, this must be given to organizers no later than one week after acceptance to the festival. Details given upon acceptance.
      4. All other technical requirements (including set-up and tear-down time required) must be approved by the festival organizers no later that one week after acceptance to the festival, and these must be provided by the artist.
Proposals may be submitted at:http://www.arizonabetweennosotros.org/es/artists/proposals/

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